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Board Interest Form

    updated 03/12/2024

    Are you interested in serving on the Alaska SHRM State Council now or in the future? 

    Thank you for your interest! Please email us the following information along with your resume to 

    1. Personal Information:

      • Full name
      • Contact information (best phone number and email to reach you at)
      • LinkedIn profile or other professional profiles
    2. Professional Background:

      • Current occupation and employer
      • Previous work experience
      • Professional qualifications and certifications
      • Industry-specific knowledge and expertise
    3. Board / Council / Committee Experience: (no previous experience required)

      • Previous experience serving on boards or committees
      • Roles held on those boards/committees
      • Specific contributions or achievements in your board/committee roles
    4. Interest and Motivation:

      • Reasons for wanting to join the Alaska SHRM State Council
      • Interest in the Alaska SHRM State Council's mission
      • How your skills can contribute to the Alaska SHRM State Council's mission
    5. Availability and Commitment:

      • Time availability for board meetings, committee work, and other responsibilities
      • Any potential conflicts of interest
    6. Questions or Comments:

      • Any questions or comments you may have

    Board Member Requirements

      Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in your Alaska SHRM State Council. Each board position has a position description outlining duties and expectations. Additionally, below are some general requirements of board members.

      • Be an active Board member. This includes attending regularly scheduled monthly meetings, assisting in planning the annual conference, fulfilling the duties in your Board position description, and completing tasks as assigned. Board partcipation includes being prepared for Board meetings, asking critical questions, providing thoughtful feedback, and helping the Board come to agreement in making decisions that affect fellow SHRM-affiliated organizations, SHRM-affiliated chapters, and SHRM members statewide.
      • Continually grow your knowledge around SHRM and its governing bylaws. Learn about SHRM's role with your State Council and its role with chapters. The SHRM Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center (VLRC) is a valuable resource for SHRM Volunteers. 
      • Stay informed of trends in the field of human resources and timely issues affecting your specific board role.
      • Abstain from activities that may appear to create a conflict of interest. Follow the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management. 
      • Be a current SHRM member in good standing.
      • SHRM certification is not required but encouraged.