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    *IN PERSON* EMPLOYING EX-OFFENDERS: Capturing Talent from an Untapped Resource

    Date: July 23, 2014, 8:00am – 10:30am
    Alaska SHRM State Council
    900 E Benson Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99519
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    Capturing Talent from an Untapped Resource A significant portion of the potential workforce has some type of criminal record, ranging from driving infractions to more serious crimes. Are you prepared to consider an ex-offender? Employers are encouraged to participate in creating opportunities for individuals to become law-abiding, productive citizens. Many ex-offenders are willing to start in minimum wage jobs. Some of them have skilled technical or professional experience. Three reasons why you should consider hiring an ex-offender: 1. Eager Employees 2. Service to the Public 3. Business Incentives How can employers safely tap this workforce? Cathleen McLaughlin, J.D./M.B.A., will address the myths and realities about individuals returning to the workforce from the corrections system. In August 2013, the Partners Reentry Center opened in Anchorage after studies around the country proved that community-based reentry programs were key to helping re-entrants adjust to life outside of prison. Within the first 8 months, the Center has served more than 650 individuals. Key to the program is getting re-entrants stably housed and employed while providing short-term behavioral and support services. After serving their sentences, most of Alaska’s re-entrants, regardless of hometown, are released into the Anchorage community. The Partners Reentry Center takes individuals immediately upon release and works with each to find employment, build employment skills, and become productive members of the community. Learn how the Center works with employers by referring qualified applicants, including those with Native or minority preference, and assisting employers with the prescreening process. Learn about the fidelity bonding program and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Awareness about the realities of reentry and the vital role of gainful employment in reducing recidivism is key to making our state safer AND filling those job openings!

    Cathleen Nelson McLaughlin, J.D./M.B.A., is the Program Director of the Partners Re-Entry Center. She, along with a very passionate group of individuals who are committed to reducing recidivism in the State of Alaska, advocate for people and programs that bridge the gap between community and re-entrants. Cathleen speaks to groups and writes about re-entry throughout the State of Alaska and the United States. Her presentations focus on the challenges and opportunities individuals and communities need to recognize and to collaborate on in meaningful ways to reduce recidivism.