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    From Good 2 Great – Understanding Behavior Competencies vs. Skill Competencies

    Date: November 18, 2016, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    Alaska SHRM State Council
    Compliments of your Alaska SHRM State Council
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    From Good 2 Great – Understanding Behavior Competencies vs. Skill Competencies

    HR professionals are no strangers to reviewing an individual’s qualifications, whether it be for employment, performance management or succession planning purposes. We have a long history of reviewing what people “have under the belt” so to speak. However, for too many years, we have looked at “time in grade” and assumed if someone had certain Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA). And even as we evolved away from making that assumption, we still put quite a bit of emphasis on KSAs, not realizing that the compilation and application of the KSAs was what made an applicant worthy of a second glance or an employee more valuable than another.

    Participants will, after this session, be able to:

    • identify the difference between technical and behavioral competencies, and how they differ from KSAs;
    • identify the KSAs needed for success in the HR profession;
    • understand how these KSAs need to be applied in order to demonstrate competency in one of the nine core areas; and
    • understand how he/she can further develop their own KSAs and, subsequently, their competencies, to become a better HR professional.


      Heather Kinzie, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR

      Heather Kinzie has enjoyed a career that has topped twenty years, making her tenure in her profession nearly as old as many she educates lately! Regardless of her age, she still remembers a bit of her childhood…her mom used to tell her to never quit developing her mind and her talents. Heather’s career in Human Resources and Organizational Development and Performance, her many years of serving as a SHRM Volunteer leader, and her childhood lessons have come together nicely in her presentation on HR Competencies. Being burned or otherwise disappointed in employees who were technically competent but behaviorally incompetent helped Heather realize many years ago that a balance was needed for each and every position in an organization. SHRM shares this belief and has nicely encapsulated the balance for HR professionals. Utilizing SHRM’s full Body of Knowledge, Heather will break down both the technical and behavioral competencies needed to move an HR professional from good to great. Finally, she will highlight how organizations benefit from HR professionals who commit to continually developing their competencies in their quest to be “great HR."